What the Critics Are Saying...

• "Both the players and the works on this program were amazing just to be in the same room with-imagine New York's East Village meets Mensa- and the sounds they make, by turns joyous, intricate and triumphant, are extraordinary." -The Washington Post

• "...as rhythmically alive, stylistically varied and consistently inventive as anything this listener has heard recently." - The New York Times

• "No individual or ensemble has done more to demystify chamber jazz, and to realize its potential for warmth, sensuousness and beauty...than the String Trio of New York." - JazzTimes

• "The String Trio of New York presented a lively concert of old and new music, revealing a unique variety of inspirations and a most distinctive meeting of diverse minds." - Chicago Tribune

• "The String Trio of New York is breaking new ground in chamber jazz." - Downbeat

• "This long term commitment (the group was founded in 1977) has given the Trio an improvisational understanding that is unequalled." - The Wire

• "The String Trio of New York is solidly prepared, but offers the excitement of improvisation projected through unshakable musicianship." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

• "Some classicism, some jazz and a lot of originality. At a time when so much contemporary music is bound up with categories, the String Trio of New York is refreshingly uncategorizable. All the performances were riveting" - The New York Times

• "Their harmony and cohesion shine forth along with their individual talent. One sees in each of them a true pioneer, an innovator with his instrument." - Le Monde

• "This trio is one of the very finest in all of jazz and in case you haven't heard, the String Trio of New York is the premiere improvising string ensemble in the business." - Cadence

• "One of the best working bands around." - Musician Magazine

• "The String Trio of New York's performance was nothing less than a rousing tour de force. It was inspired music-making of the highest caliber, and the telepathic empathy displayed by the Trio was astonishing." - San Diego Union

• "Natural Balance is the kind of record jazz fans are looking for, but don't get, when they buy albums by the Kronos Quartet. The most delightful, surprising, original and engrossing string recording in ages!" - Jazziz

• "This band gets more internal swing and beautiful playing into compositions of substance than any of the currently fashionable flock of string quartets." - Jazz Times

• "This group is indeed, beyond category." - The Herald Sun (Durham, NC)

• "To admire excellent music is one thing; to be blown away by extraordinary fine playing is another. Individually and collectively, [String Trio of New York] are charismatic musicians. As much as their improvisations appeal to the intellect, they appeal even more to the spirit, and ultimately to the viscera. Among adventurous jazz ensembles, the String Trio of New York must surely rank with the best." - St. Louis Post Dispatch

• "[String Trio of New York] bent every rule they could find, pairing tight, inventive ensemble playing with wild, imaginative solos." - Times Union, Albany, NY

• "Great musicians, music that challenged an audience prepared to listen to something new. Things are looking up." - Hong Kong Standard

• "A virtuosic joy, a paradigm of jazz improvisation and control, a mιlange of urban ghetto street cries and high art." - The Boston Globe

• "It is that combination of the visceral and the intellectual that makes this music so appealing."- St. Louis Post Dispatch

• "With the String Trio of New York, you remember the sensation of hearing something new." - San Francisco Chronicle

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